First Show Of Our Last Year On Earth

So. Last year was pretty awesome. Without a doubt the best year our band has ever had. Everyone who has supported us and '37', we won't ever forget it. So let's do it all over again. It's starts Feb 4th here at home at Mohawk Place with our dear friend Micah Schnabel (Two Cow Garage) celebrating his new solo record "I'm Dead, Serious". Along for the ride are our friends Branden Barnett (Ghost Shirt) and Nicholas Brooks. We are working out a stripped down version of ourselves. It's going to be a good night.

Also, That EP we mentioned is still on it's way. It's completed mostly. Still working on a few songs to see what makes the cut. It will be out this spring/summer. Anyway, it's hardly snowed here so we are doing alright. Hope you are too. See you soon.